Talk2Us, we develop bespoke programs for organisations that are focussed on creating NeuroLeaders equipped to cope with the demands of business in the 21st century.

We are the originators of the Human Capital Activation Summit. The Summit was established to bring together the disciplines of business management and psychology, with a view to integrating the efficiencies of business and the responsiveness of the workforce in order to create organisational effectiveness - and in doing so ‘Future proof’ your organisation.

The importance of being Relevant

Survival depends on being and remaining relevant, both for individuals and Organisations.  Thriving in an ever-changing world, establishing and remaining relevant is a challenge faced by leaders in organisations every day in order to ensure their share of followers in a competitive economy. 

A change in Leaderships’ approach

In order to remain relevant in the 21st century, organisations approach Leadership competencies on the opposite ends of the scale, instead as it was in previous centuries.  Leadership needs to understand the basics of Neuro-based techniques; NeuroLeadership.  Understanding human nature and how people function are as important as understanding how to balance the books.  Leaders not only need to understand both sides of the equation, but more importantly, they need to understand and be able to integrate the two, in order to deliver organisational effectiveness.

About Us

At Talk2Us our hybrid approach is unique – we use marketing and communication disciplines all underpinned by the principles of psychology.  We have a wealth of expertise in business management, marketing, communications, facilitation and psychology.  We are able to identify the need, formulate and package the associated initiative, provide project co-ordination services to implement it and measure the efficacy. Read More ...