How scammers target your business and how to never fall for it

Today’s businesses need to be aware of much more than just expenses and profits. As technology evolves, so does cybercrime. I’m not talking about your average Trojan horse or keylogger, I’m talking about scams so craftily designed that there is hardly any way to tell they are in fact scams. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that many account breaches happen when employees provide their login information voluntarily. To prevent your employees from falling for these scams, Netpresenter helps you to create a risk-conscious workplace.

Create a fertile environment to land change…

Enabling personal transition and growth will enable a fertile environment for change and to achieve a fertile environment a holistic approach is called for.

Measurement matters: Create the right Corporate Content with Netpresenter’s Statistics feature!

Is your corporate content engaging enough? Are your messages reaching the right public? Is your website equipped with the right tools to measure campaigns or track leads?

Summer Release ’19: Measurement matters with Message Server 15

The wait is over: Netpresenter’s Summer Release 2019 is here! We already gave you some clues on social media, but now we can finally reveal Message Server 15 including our hot new statistics feature.

Create a sense of belonging with Netpresenter!

Corporate communication is one of the hardest, but most vital parts of a successful business. Understand Netpresenter's Message Server in under 2 minutes!

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