Summer Release ’19: Measurement matters with Message Server 15

Published: 08 July 2019

The wait is over: Netpresenter’s Summer Release 2019 is here! We already gave you some clues on social media, but now we can finally reveal Message Server 15 including our hot new statistics feature.

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From now on, it’s possible to measure the reach and impact of your messages. On our new dashboards, you can view key statistics in the blink of an eye, such as connected devices, published messages and click-through ratio. Because you know, measurement matters!

But there’s is more! Here’s what else is new:

  • Statistics: Follow the engagement and check useful details like reach, clicks, likes and comments. That’s how you get the most out of Netpresenter! Check our tutorial video  for a sneak preview.
  • Windows Notifications: With our new and improved notification feature, you can let your message stand out even more! Publish a message as a pop up, push notification or even as Windows notification.
  • Alert actions: Users now have several ways to react to an alert. Set action buttons and define different alert actions like SMS, Call, Comments or a hyperlink to extra information.
  • Message History: Deleted messages are now saved in the Message History. With this great new feature, you can easily recover, restore or re-use content. Watch our tutorial video to see this in action.
  • GIF it more: Make your Messages more fun! From now on, Netpresenter’s Message Server also supports animated GIF to enrich your messages.
  • Webpage Integration: Integrate and automatically display websites automatically by simply adding a URL to a media object.
  • Improved Galleries: With our new Media and Template Gallery, filtering your media files and selecting the right template for your message has also become even easier.

… and much more!


View the Message Server 15 tutorial video and the Summer 2019 release notes for a complete overview of all new features.

We would also love to share all the new possibilities during a free demo.


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