4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Having a Mobile App

Published: 04 February 2019

From Facebook to selfies and everything in-between, our phones have become our primary connection to the rest of the world. No wonder more and more organizations are migrating from the physical world of handing out leaflets, printing campaign posters, and using bulletin boards, to the mobile realm; and so should you!

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Here are 4 ways in which the Netpresenter app can benefit your business.

You can reach non-desk workers

Research shows that 2.7 billion employees don’t work at a desk and only 13 percent of them feel engaged at work. What’s more, a whopping 84 percent of these under-engaged workers don’t believe they get enough information from management. With the Netpresenter app, being out doesn’t mean being out of touch. Whether your workers are behind their desk, on the road or in the field, they will stay informed about what’s going on at the office by receiving company news and other relevant information directly on their mobile devices.

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You can publish messages directly from your phone

In the knowledge that today’s workforce likes to use its mobile device for anything and everything – sidelining laptops and desktop computers altogether – the Netpresenter app includes a nifty ‘easy publishing’ functionality. This functionality allows users to create messages right from their smartphone or tablet and post them on any Netpresenter communication channel: app, digital signage, and screensaver. A great communication tool right in the palm of your hand to post content anywhere, anytime – it’s no longer just a desire, but a reality.

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You can notify people in an instance

Push notifications let you keep in touch with your workforce in a non-intrusive way – whether or not they are using the Netpresenter app at that time. Similar to text messages, push notifications are mostly read within the first three minutes; making them the perfect tool to inform your employees on urgent matters such as weather emergencies, roadblocks or office issues. By segmenting alerts based on location, you can even notify only those in a specific office, city or region.

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You let remote workers be part of the conversation

The Netpresenter app is about connections – connections between people, teams, offices, information, and ideas. These connections extend beyond company walls. The Netpresenter app lets remote workers be part of the conversation. By liking and commenting on news items in our mobile app, non-desk employees make their voice heard. On top of that, it gives management the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with the people they get to connect with the least in person.

A mobile app is key for a digital workplace in 2019. Is your business ready to digitize? Contact us now for a free demo or quote.


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