Talk2Us, we can assist you to understand the mental frames that are hindering your organisation from achieving sustainable change. We will assist you to develop a lexicon that will create meaning which will influence the frame of mind of your people, enabling change and adoption.


Our mental frame significantly effects how we create meaning: if we understand a given situation, we react. Our mental frame of reference is what changes peoples’ minds, not facts. Mental frames are a combination of beliefs, values and attitudes, derived from the environment we came from, and currently, whatever we‘re operating in. A bit like a mental mind map of related thoughts evoked by a given word or situation.

The relevance of framing

The mental frames people have, shape their views regards the goals the organisation seeks to achieve, the plans that are made, and consequently, the way in which the collective behave. This in turn informs how the organisation is perceived by their followers. Changing established mental frames is difficult, especially if we are unaware of their existence and power. Language activates mental frames - and so a new lexicon is needed to establish a new mental frame. Understanding mental framing and how it can be modified is core to obtaining change in mental and behavioural habits.

The Human Capital Activation Summit

It is unique, in that it brings together a fraternity of experts, who understand Humanity in the African context and are focussed on enhancing and optimising Human Potential. Leaders in all organisations realise their Human Capital is their competitive edge and that the next area of growth in their business will derive from their ability to harness the power of their people’s adaptive capacity, resilience and continuity.

The aim of the Summit is to provide a platform for business leaders from across all industries and government in South and Sub-Saharan Africa to listen to and engage experts in the field of conceptual development, and to partake in discussions on how to activate human capital and release maximum individual and organisational growth. We’ll also be presenting case studies from leading organisations on how they went about Activating their Human Capital.

The take-out from the Summit will be four key insights –

  • Collective functioning
  • Individual functioning
  • Practical case studies on how to achieve adoption
  • What the future may hold

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At Talk2Us our hybrid approach is unique – we use marketing and communication disciplines all underpinned by the principles of psychology.  We have a wealth of expertise in business management, marketing, communications, facilitation and psychology.  We are able to identify the need, formulate and package the associated initiative, provide project co-ordination services to implement it and measure the efficacy.