Talk2Us, we can assist you in understanding your current levels of engagement. We can develop practices for your leadership to adopt that will build enduring relationship, create a culture of engagement, and enhance your business performance.


Engagement is a practice that generates participation: it is a process which is connected, involved and energised. The sought-after outcome of engagement is to achieve a mutually prescribed purpose. While the process is structured, it is open and flexible, and delivers results in an emergent quality shared between and among persons around content of mutual interest, and a common purpose.

What engagement is not  – it isn’t a didactic one-way conversation, where participants are told by an authority what the outcome is or will be; it is not acceptance nor agreement. It is not an imposition of one view over another. Even when an outcome is predicted, engagement allows for parties to be heard in a way that validates their protest or support.

The benefits of an engaged workforce

In the business context, the practice of engagement  is about creating opportunities for employees to connect  with their colleagues, managers and the wider organisation. The more connected employees feel, the more discretionary effort they’ll offer, resulting in improved business performance. The less connected employees feel the greater their relationship with the people in the business is compromised, and therefore the less committed, they’ll be less likely to achieve a common purpose.

Building relationships

Different relationships require different levels of engagement. Stronger, enduring relationships can withstand greater obstacles. In organisations, the levels of engagement are determined by the type of relationships required between individuals and their leadership teams. There is no right or wrong - just what is appropriate, in order to achieve a common purpose.



So, your new IT application has been uploaded, the expense has been incurred… 

Talk2Us, we’ll assist your leaders and their teams to build the bridge between deduction and action, ensuring your software solution can acquire Traction resulting in adoption, improving organisational effectiveness and ultimately growth. Growth for the people and for the business.

ADOPTION is key to realising the sought-after business benefit. Talk2Us for strategic communication that is aligned to your sought-after business outcomes. Talk2Us to assist you to obtain the business benefits from your investment.

Facts do not motivate people to move from a current state to a desired state, feelings are what motivates people, giving them the courage to move from one state of thought or activity to another. We tend to think that if there is reason there must be action – not so – reason leads to deduction emotion leads to action. In a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world change is continuous, the only thing we can be certain of is change.



Talk2Us, we will assist the people in your organisation to operate with purpose and authenticity, understand the frame of mind of your followers, and develop platforms that reach your potential followers.

Remaining relevant entails gaining and sustaining a following – a following of people at every level. People only follow those they trust. Authenticity and consistency are of paramount importance to gaining a following. In order to sustain a following organisations need to be consistent in every interaction they have with their followers to uphold their reputation and following.

Having a purpose which appeals to society is where it all starts. If your purpose is not clearly defined and not proper in intent, establishing a following will become challenging. Sustaining a following requires a keen understanding of your followers frame of reference, and a method to reach them.

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At Talk2Us our hybrid approach is unique – we use marketing and communication disciplines all underpinned by the principles of psychology.  We have a wealth of expertise in business management, marketing, communications, facilitation and psychology.  We are able to identify the need, formulate and package the associated initiative, provide project co-ordination services to implement it and measure the efficacy.