Specialist marketing and communication disciplines, underpinned by principles of psychology, is our speciality and our passion. It’s what energises us and keeps us motivated, to serve you our customers across the African Union territory. The business was born out of a firm belief in the distinctive benefits of including all stakeholders in organisational delivery and success. In addition to our specialist expertise and experience, we manage our clients’ projects like our own, always considering that there are individual goals, specific needs and hopes behind every action taken.


Linda Hamman - Founder & Director

Linda is the True North of Talk2Us, a serial entrepreneur with 30 years experience of being in business, developing strategy, building capacity, managing operations all while building a client base, consulting and delivering services. Most importantly building a renowned brand. She is dedicated to assisting organisations, departments and the people within find their purpose and how they can align themselves to that of their employers or customers. It’s this emotional connection to what they do which creates meaning and inspires them to exercise a level of self-awareness and lifelong learning which will ensure their relevance. She is an inspiring speaker and enjoys sharing her knowledge and know-how with others.

Charles Nightingale – Director

Charles keeps the Talk2Us boat afloat, his expertise in making sure we have systems that work, plans to implement and people to implement them is invaluable.  Charles has dragged our business into the digital era (often kicking and screaming).  We are grateful for his insistence regarding this intervention daily.  The strategic and practical advice he offers our clients with regards their digital and communication endeavours  ensure they are fit for purpose, cost effective and, alongside our change management programmes, adopted within the organisation to deliver business benefits on a daily basis.  His knowledge of Office 365 it’s variety of products and how best to implement them alongside products like Netpresenter are unsurpassable.   His hands-on approach in getting things done is nothing short of magic.


Jackie Hollick – Director

Jackie’s steady, sustainable, no-surprises, success approach to her role is invaluable.  She manages our supply chain, our financials, our HR and our sanity!  Without her steady hand on the wheel back at the office the business wouldn’t be half as efficient as what it is.  She also ensures that we’re all where we should be at any given point in time.

Nicolas van Schalkwyk – Digital Head

Nicolas always has a new idea in his head and an execution trick or two up his sleeve.  He has been instrumental in building our brand and the brands of many other organisations.  The methodology we use to establish the essence of a brand, aligned to exceptional creative execution give brands a personality and makes them come alive.  His multi-disciplinary capability of being able to work across all media is mind boggling, combine the skills of Charles and Nic and you have an unbeatable team of creative execution and distribution expertise.   His ability to breath personality into every element of a brand is exceptional and greatly valued by our team, those who work with him and of course, by our customers.



René Roos – Associate

René has always sat across us at the desk as the customer, seeking services such as ours, that bring strategy to life.  She has 20 years senior executive experience in listed companies.  


Matthew Counihan – Associate

His creativity stretches across so many aspects making the world a better place, his ideas make the sun shine and makes us smile, because we know that if Matt has been part of the making experiences unforgettable.


About Us

We are a consulting agency.  We collaborate with you to build confidence in your brand, across all your stakeholder groups, using the disciplines of powerful branding and marketing, attention grabbing communication, powerful customer experience programmes and fully aligned people development plans. Read more