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The rapid rate of change in the world is having a profound effect on individuals, communities and organisations.  The changing way in which we live and provide for ourselves and our families has necessitated Talk2Us to look at the way in which we work differently.  The needs of those we work with has evolved, as is evident in the infographic depicted here, this has necessitated Talk2Us to evolve accordingly.  In order to satisfy this need we have established a Community of Affiliates who work with us to deliver services to our clients.

The benefits of being a Talk2Us Affiliate

The primary benefits are – make good money, work when you want, anywhere’s the office, experience the power of a shared network.

There are many other benefits that are less apparent unless you’ve been on your own. 

  • Excellent reference sites
  • Collegiality
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Exposure and visibility
  • A platform on which to build a profession
  • Established & respected brand
  • Administrative services

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Our Affiliate Program operates across the African Union Territory.

How to become part of the Talk2Us Affiliate Community

If your profession is aligned to that of people practices that improve organisational effectiveness, then you’re a perfect fit!  There are two types of Affiliates - those who refer business to us (Referral Affiliates) and those who are qualified to consult for Talk2Us (Consulting Affiliates). 


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About Us

At Talk2Us our hybrid approach is unique – we use marketing and communication disciplines all underpinned by the principles of psychology.  We have a wealth of expertise in business management, marketing, communications, facilitation and psychology.  We are able to identify the need, formulate and package the associated initiative, provide project co-ordination services to implement it and measure the efficacy. Read More ...