When Linda Hamman founded Talk2Us in 2000 she was embarking on a journey - an expedition that would take her and her team EXPLORING the landscape of internal communication for 14 years, and the remarkable impact that it has on Employee Engagement. With our clients, we have explored and experienced this phenomenon as far afield as Ghana, Botswana, Lesotho and Mauritius. We’ve been invited to share our findings with Africa, the US and the UK. We’ve applied the expertise and experience of our consultants - which span over a period of 150 years - to ESTABLISH the route for our clients across all industry sectors from mining, schools, retail, petroleum and finance.

Our clients EXPERIENCE the change of our journeys and reap the benefits. It’s a fact - engaged employees are more innovative, have better attitudes, and are more likely to go the extra mile, ultimately building your brand building your business.

We establish a functional linear path using our Engagement DNA methodology, developed to carry your people from a current state, transforming them to a desired state – a state of engagement – driven by the pulse of Direction, Belonging and Purpose. Every organisation needs a unique Engagement DNA which meets their strategic intent and sought- after culture.

This DNA must live and be owned by each and every person, in order to inspire good experiences that result in a culture of Engagement, a way of being.




Our work is delivered at a strategic, tactical and operational level. The link between these three disciplines of What, How and Who cannot be severed. Strategies that do not take into account How things will be done and Who will be doing them, cannot be implemented effectively. On the other hand, Tactics and Operations performed without an overall objective and clear direction of What the sought-after outcomes are, will not deliver results. It’s all about doing the right things in the right way, not just doing things right.


Our clients enjoy our immersive, consulting, results-driven approach, and our extensive ‘menu’ of services and products focussed on one key outcome – Engagement. We have collaborated with blue chip organisations across Southern Africa encompassing all industries. Our value proposition is that all of our methodologies and practices are founded on 24 years of solid business experience, providing our clients with peace of mind that any project they undertake with us will realise tangible business benefits.

Selected, honed and sharp, always moving forward our team have assembled extensive invaluable business interpretation and know-how. All of the team are qualified and highly experienced. As leaders in the field of Engagement, they see themselves as advocates and ambassadors, willing to serve, and take pride in whatever they do. Collaborators by nature, they readily help others - and each other, if and when needed. Their enthusiasm is palpable, their commitment rock-solid. Sticking with the norm isn’t their style – they believe in doing things differently, and better. Each task is viewed as an inspiring opportunity. What’s more – they know there’s always room for some fun!

Above all, our team’s purpose is just not to satisfy our clients, but to captivate them. It’s the Talk2Us aspiration.


Talk2Us Enterprise Development

…is not only about our business decision-making based on ethical values and compliance with legal standards, it is about our efforts in doing good and paying authentic respect to communities, their citizens and environment. Through deploying our tangible Enterprise Development, we believe that by doing good, we experience good business…

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